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4 Pros and 4 Cons of Moving to a 55+ Community in Paso Robles

4 pros and cons of moving to a 55+ community


As we approach our golden years, a significant consideration is where to live during our retirement years.

Many couples and individuals will consider a 55+ community, also known as an Active Adult Community or Retirement Village.

These communities cater specifically to this demographic, and offer amenities, specialized services, and activities tailored to the needs of the 55+ population. 

There are pros and cons to living in such a community, and today we will look at the most common ones. 

Pro: Age-Exclusivity

One of the pros of living in an exclusively 55+ community is the fact that you are surrounded by people who are at a similar life stage, and you are likely to share similiar interests and experiences. 

This creates a stronger sense of community, and facilitates the forming of friendships and social connections.

Pro: Amenities and Services

55+ Communities often offer a range of amenities and activities for their residents. 

These can include swimming pools, tennis and pickle ball courts, clubhouses, fitness centers, resident social events and games, and many others.

Taking advantage of the amenities and activities on offer can help the 55+ adult enjoy an active and fulfilling lifestyle, during retirement. 

Pro: Reduced Maintenance Obligations

Depending on the Community and their Management, some of the maintenance obligations, for which a homeowner is usually responsible, may be taken care of by the community managment. 

This frees up time to enjoy your leisure time and pursue other personal interests. 

Pro: Sense of Security

As we get older and more vulnerable, security becomes more important. 

Many times these 55+ communities have gated entrances and / or controlled access. This often provides the residents with a sense of safety and peace of mind.

Even living in a close-knit community, where residents look out for one another, can add an additional layer of security for residents.

Cons: Age Restrictions

To maintain the integrity of a 55+ community, most 55+ communities limit the time that younger family and friends can visit, or stay with you for extended time periods.

This is certainly something to think about and you will need to consider your personal circumstances, and the potential impact it has on your social network and personal relationships.

Cons: Lack of Age Diversity

Due to the age restriction, 55+ communities may lack the diversity of community found in mixed age neighborhoods. 

If you value a vibrant and varied community, with people from different backgrounds and age groups, living exclusively with retirees, or close-to retirement-age people may not be for you.

Cons: Reduced Flexibility to Move

Once you have committed and bought a home in a 55+ community, it may be a bit more challenging to change your living situation, if your circumstances or preferences change in the future.

Selling your home may take a while, since the buyer market is more limited, due to the age restriction.

Additionally, always check if there are restrictions or conditions tied to your ownership within the community. 

Cons: Potential Isolation

While 55+ communities foster a strong sense of community within, some people may feel more isolated from broader society. 

Again, if you enjoy being surrounded by people of different age groups, and like engaging in a variety of activities and interactions outside of the retirement community, 55+ community living may not align with your social needs.   


Carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of moving to a 55+ community, when making retirement decisions. 

Weigh up the pros and cons, considering your personal needs and personality before commiting to 55+ living. 

That being said, I have found it to be a great fit for a lot of my clients and friends, and they love their 55+ community lifestyle!

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