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5 Summer Flowering Plants for your Paso Robles Yard


If you are anything like me, you spend a lot of time outside in your yard, enjoying our beautiful Summer weather.

I find myself out there enjoying my early morning coffee, a Friday evening glass of wine, and it takes a lot to beat dining al fresco out on the patio.

With that in mind, now is the perfct time to add some glorious, vibrant color to your Paso Robles yard.

Here in Paso Robles, we are zoned as 8b under the USDA classification system, but as zone 7 using the Sunset Magazine zoning system. Please be sure to check what system is on those plant labels, before you purchase plants at the garden center!

Another consideration is the soil. If you have heavy clay soil, as I do, it is important that you amend the soil with lots of compost to improve drainage before planting. 

Here are 5 of my favorite Summer-flowering plamts, that, in my experience, do well in our area.

Nile Lily (Agapanthus)

Agapanthus (1200 × 600 px)

Native to my country of birth, South Africa, these plants bring back such happy memories of my childhood days, so naturally I have them growing in my yard.

Available in various shades of blue, as well as while, these plants are a cooling sight on hot summer days.

Hummingbirds like them too! 

The plants tend to die down with the winter frost, but come right back to life in the Spring. 

Cone Flower (Echinacea)

Summer-flowing plants for Paso Robles

These gorgeous  perennial plants are part of the daisy family and native to the United States. They come in a variety of colors and put on a spectacular show in mid-Summer. 

Day Lilies (Hemerocallis)

Daylillies (1200 × 600 px)

Daylillies are really easy to grow, and come in various hues, although yellow daylillies seemed to be the most prolific around my neighborhood. 

These are sun loving plants, but will tolerate partial shade as well. They bloom all summer long.

Society Garlic (Tulbaghia)

Tulbaghia (1200 × 600 px)

Another summer flowering plant native to South Africa, Society Garlic, is a vigorous plant and it comes in both a variegated leaf form and a non-variegated leaf form. 

They will  bloom throughout the summer, but do need to be placed in full sun to enjoy the most prolific flowers.

Sages (Salvia)

Salvias (1200 × 600 px)

Salvias or Sages are easy to grow, perennial plants, and require relatively low maintenance.  They thrive in our hot, dry Summers.

There are many different kinds of salvias available, but the most popular ones in our area seem to the Mexican Bush Sage and the Hot Lips Salvia, pictured above. 

They can put on a spectacular show, and hummingbirds, butterflies and bees absolutely love them!

Picture of Dorian Kisch

Dorian Kisch

Hey Paso Robles, I’m Dorian Kisch! I chose Paso Robles as my home in 2002, when I immigrated from South Africa and haven’t looked back since! I’m a real estate Broker Associate at RE/MAX Parkside Real Estate, with a passion for supporting Community Cat Trap, Neuter and Release efforts in my neighborhood, and losing myself in the genealogical pursuit of family histories. I love spending time growing veggies in my garden, and surrounding myself with positive and optimistic people. I will probably never have enough humor and laughter in my life. I enjoy exploring different international cuisines in my kitchen, and hanging out with family and friends, both at home and in the community. I currently live in the Montebello Oaks neighborhood with my husband and our feline fur babies. I’m also passionate about serving the Paso Robles community, and look forward to connecting with you! Contact me any time with your real estate questions at 805-600-0677 See you around town!

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